Monday, November 28, 2011

The Day the Drone went Down:
We still managed to capture some pretty awesome footage of Zanzibari Masaai dancing on the beach.  I am intrigued and interested in the movement of the Masaai from the plains of the Serengeti and Mara to the shores of Zanzibar.  Driven by need, having suffered from major droughts which have affected their cattle and livelihoods, and over the years having been displaced by government regulations on where they can or cannot move, some Masaai have made a new home in Zanzibar where business is thriving.  They trade in curios, art, tourism and sex.
do you want me to jump this high?
The new Zanzibari Masaai has had to adapt to their new environment.  This is evident in how they dress, no longer wearing heavy red blankets, but now using sarong material with masaai patterns/prints - light and airy to handle the tropical island heat.   You will seldom see a Masaai on Zanzibar without sunglasses.  These Masaai are entertaining to tourists and often speak at least 3 languages.
Culture is not stagnant, and is in constant change.  I am fascinated to see how this generation and those to come are weaved into the fabric of Zanzibari culture.
my body guards
Obi and his Masaai

Filmed with my little Canon G12 while the guys were filming on the big cameras.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rain and the Olympus i-SPEED = Magic.
Each day I love this camera more.  We had a wet yet exhilarating shoot filming a group of us in the back of a Zanzibari Dala Dala.  Despite the rain, the shoot was incredible and the footage breathtaking.  Slow motion running in the rain to catch the dala dala, puddle jumping and hanging off the back while driving down the road.  We didn't miss a drop.
Look forward to posting another teaser to show you "poetry in motion" -


We had a frame made as a marketing tool for Zanzilife.  Framing tourists, Zanzibari's, kids in a mini Zanzibar door.  Putting people in the picture.  Our plan is to create a link to our site where people can download their photographs - a great memory of their time on the island.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nuptial Flight - the finest hour.  
Spent an hour last night filming flying ants in motion on the Olympus i-SPEED.  It was magic to see how they move through the air hovering around the light.  Over the course of the hour, they slowly started to drop to the ground, one by one until there were none.  Once we got over the intial hibijibees of these ants flying under our clothes we got some mesmerizing footage of the process.  A dance in the light.  
I did some research on flying ants this morning and basically all that flying around is a massive orgy. Where the males are "quickly converted into single-purpose sexual missiles." During "the quick and violent mating, the male literally explodes his internal genitalia into the genital chamber of the queen and quickly dies."  One queen will mate with several males during this flight.   A whole lot of love going on! 
Inspired Flight - the finest hour

Monday, October 31, 2011

Forodhani Peer Jumping

Today I did it – I jumped off the peer at Forodhani Gardens, something I have been contemplating for years.  I am at heart a jumper and make no secret of it.   Whether it’s the jetty at Zalu Essque Hotel, or the Forodhani peer, I am constantly watching tide tables to plan when I can jump.  See my pics on facebook and check out a perfect piece to sum up our days work. 

Today was the first day we filmed and if this is the way it started, it’s going to be an inspired shoot.

#ZanziLife has taken form... 
This project is driven by curiosity, the need and desire to discover, interact with people and tell stories.
I’m seeing Zanzibar again through new eyes.  The mystery and intrigue that keep me coming back to Zanzibar have captivated these new eyes and have validated what I see this archipelago to be.
Archipelago Productions in collaboration with the Odyssey Media Collective are producing ZanziLife, a documentary piece that will be used as a tool for travellers and filmmakers and photographers.   I’m working with creative director Obi Mgbado of the OMC shooting on a super slow motion camera called the Olympus I-speed, a Canon 7d, and a go pro.  In a few weeks we’ll be joined by Joel Craigs a talented DP, travelling with a camera mounted remote controlled helicopter. 
This project is a dream come true.
Our journey will take us around Stonetown through the ally ways, as we make our way passed the ruins on the outskirts of the city, and up north to Nungwi, Kendwa and Matemwe.  There are several surprises planned over the coming 4 weeks. 

Welcome to ZANZILIFE! 
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Amboni Caves

Crisp yet musty
chilled energy

Amboni Caves are packed with history - if those walls could talk....

Personally they brought a nostalgic feeling from my "caving days" - climbing thru caves and tunnels as a kid.  i love the smell. Yet not sure how to describe the feeling i get; the smell overwhelms me - hovering between the sheer panic of losing myself and the thrill of the darkness and the maze.

The Amboni caves are just north of Tanga City. Tourists only have access to a small stretch of these caves.  A definite "must visit:" if you are in the area.